Kathryn Skelsey

is an independent Mobile Physiotherapist who services the Georges River and Sutherland Shire areas and surrounding southern Sydney suburbs     


Considering the current COVID-19 crisis, I am limiting my face-to-face consultations, such that I am only visiting those people who have acute physical issues that require immediate hands-on remediation to manage pain or prevent significant deterioration in their symptoms.
I am applying screening, hygiene, protective equipment, and distancing precautions as much as possible to prevent any unintended transmission.

I am also looking into offering TELEHEALTH (videoconferenced) physiotherapy consultations soon, for therapy where it is practical, effective and safe to do so.
I will soon be able to assess and advise you on your exercises and self-massage through the screen of your computer, mobile or tablet.
Please contact me and visit my Prices&Hours page if you would like to know more about my intended telehealth service.

Face-to-Face Treatment Modalities

Please let Kathryn know what form of massage or therapy you prefer.

The treatment will be modified according to your needs, and may include any combination of the following;

- Remedial & Deep Tissue Massage - firm massage and stretching of the muscles and connective tissues, usually used as a remedy for specific aches, pains or physical limitations.

- Relaxation ("Swedish") Massage - a soothing lighter form of superficial massage, that aims to invoke rest and calmness.

- Trigger Point Therapy - pressure on specific points of the body, that often relate to nerve endings, connective tissue junctions or acupressure meridians, to elicit relaxation of tight muscles and ease pain.

- Lymphatic Drainage - specialised massage that follows the direction of the lymph vessels and gently stimulates the lymph glands to enable a reduction in lymphoedema swelling.

- Joint Mobilisation - manual therapy techniques that are helpful for improving the range of stiff joints.

- Muscle Stretching - manual therapy techniques that are helpful for improving the length of tight muscles.

- Neurological Rehabilitation - training of movement patterns through instruction, hands-on guidance and practice, usually to enable improvements after neurological deficits.

- Metabolic Rehabilitation - specialised fitness and strength training to enhance your ability to lose weight, and improve your energy and general health.

- Exercise Prescription - advice and training of exercises that will speed your recovery and enable you to have better control over your future physical health.

Please refer to this website's "Prices & Hours" for more information about the pricing and hours that Kathryn's mobile services offer.

Go to the "Travel Areas" page to see the areas of Sydney that Kathryn visits.

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